Stories Beyond The Bathtub

Expanded Products and Mission 2016

2016 was an amazing year for both the expansion of Pacha Soap’s products and mission! Froth Bombs in all shapes

Soap and Clean Water 2015

Here at Pacha Soap, it isn’t just about giving. Our mission is about eliminating the poverty cycle through empowerment...

First International Soap Shop 2014

What happened in 2014?

Our Mission Comes to Life 2013

As Pacha began to grow, the first phase of the company mission came to life.

The Beginning of the Journey 2012

Our beginnings stem from a volunteer trip our CEO and co-founder, Andrew, took as a junior in college..

Meet the Seamstresses!

Meet the seamstress who sewed your bag.

Concrete Examples of Soapy Goodness

Send a ripple of good out into the world by joining with us to...

“We Win Twice: Toilets and Jobs”

This is the story of Lea Bimenyimana from Kamakara, Burundi, Africa. She is a young woman, 32 years old, with 2 children:

From Zero to Twenty

You have raised the bar for the quality of life in Burundi! 

Monthly Raise the Bar Report – Dec. 2015

Turning Soap into Green Burundian soap makers reinvesting in community.

Monthly “Raise the Bar” Report – October

Hello Pacha Soap Supporters, Recently, our giving partner Imagine Burundi, shared some encouraging statistics with us. 

Kamakara: A Community Ready To Flourish

We recently traveled to Burundi, Africa to help establish and dedicate a soap factory in Kamakara, located in the northwest...

Soap Can Change Lives

We have been secretly working on a long-term project for the last few months and we are excited...

9,000 Bars Of Soap Later

On June 21, 2013, we, the Pacha Mamas and Papas, got back from a two-week trip to Peru, where we...