Soap and Clean Water 2015

Here at Pacha Soap, it isn’t just about giving. Our mission is about eliminating the poverty cycle through empowerment and entrepreneurship! In 2015, this idea expanded beyond soap to also include clean water projects! Other year highlights included…

A quarter million soap bars were given to over 35,000 school children in need.

The production of these give-away bars provided careers for 15 men and women in Burundi, Africa.

Our team partnered with Water4 to expand our mission to clean water projects. This not only provided clean water for communities, but jobs for the local well drillers!

Pacha was extremely grateful to receive the Whole Foods Local Producer Loan.

Co-founders Abi and Andrew continued to hit the road in Bubbles to teach about the importance of handwashing and promote our mission!

The Pacha Soap team grew to a team of 12!


Two more days! Check back tomorrow to reflect on our favorite memories from 2016 and Monday to see the changes coming in 2017. Who knows, this page just might have a whole new look!