“We Win Twice: Toilets and Jobs”

This is the story of Lea Bimenyimana from Kamakara, Burundi, Africa. She is a young woman, 32 years old, with 2 children: one boy and one girl.

In her life, one thing that was an obstacle for her was going to the toilet. She had to run far before she arrived at her neighbor’s to use the toilet. After hearing that two toilets were getting installed on every street, she prayed that one of the toilets would be installed on her land. She was overjoyed to know her land was selected. “It was a great day that day,” she mentioned with much joy on her face.

She added, “the blessing cannot come alone.” In the same moment, her husband was recruited to be on the installation team! “Our house really was full of joyful and blessing. Now I have a small land we rented and I have cultivated beans, maize and peanuts. We win twice: toilets and jobs.”  She said that she doesn’t have anything to give to the donors as a gift besides strong and sincere prayers.

Thank you for joining with us to provide improved sanitation and many livelihoods and opportunities to our fellow human.