The Beginning of the Journey 2012

Our beginnings stem from a volunteer trip our CEO and co-founder, Andrew, took as a junior in college. He traveled to Peru, South America where he witnessed basic needs not being met, many of the things that our society takes for granted. He saw bad things happen to good people…people wanting to provide for their families and live a life filled with purpose.

On his way home, embers of an idea burned in his mind. He fell in love with the people he met and realized he could help them be the change they wished to see in their own countries. The solution boiled down to one word: soap.

The ingredients used in soap making are found near the equator in some of the poorest nations in the world. The process of handcrafting soap can be replicated, even in the most remote locations.

Instead of just giving, this was about empowering. This was about economic freedom and job skills. This was about providing people with the opportunity to discover their entrepreneurial spirit. And thus, Pacha Soap was born.

He started in his college dorm, using his mom’s crockpot, and began forging a path for Pacha Soap. He focused on creating beautiful, delightful bath products that not only enhanced the customer experience, but also allowed each customer the opportunity to impact worldwide change with daily purchases.

Andrew graduated college in 2012 and took on Pacha full time.

Fun fact, he used the same pot to make both soap and chili

Co-founder Abi, still in school at the time, worked with Andrew at Pacha part time.

Together, they renovated and moved into our first headquarter space!

They developed our very first soap mold.

This photo, taken by Andrew in Peru, came to life as our logo.  

They spread the word about Pacha and sold at local farmer’s markets

Check back tomorrow to continue following the story of Pacha Soap, and stay tuned to see our exciting announcement of innovation and pursuit of our mission for 2017!