Real Ingredients: Salt of the Earth Co.’s Peruvian Pink Salt S’mores

At Pacha Soap Co., we handcraft all of our products with real, all-natural ingredients. We recently collaborated with Salt of the Earth Co. to bring you our new Rosewater Froth Bomb featuring their hand-harvested, Peruvian pink salt. This special ingredient not only makes a soothing soak, it is the perfect ingredient for your next culinary endeavor! Try adding this salt to veggies, meats, brownies or try out one of our ideas below!

The Simple Salted S’more
Celebrate the last few weeks of summer with this tasty twist on a classic summertime treat.

Set up the classic s’more ingredients: Marshmallows, one Graham Cracker broken into two perfect squares, and at least three pieces of your favorite milk chocolate. Spread these out on the log next to the camp fire or that slate top by the fire pit. Perfect. But, wait, there is one more simple ingredient that will change your s’more game forever –  jar of Salt of the Earth Co. pink Peruvian salt. Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle on top of the chocolate.

Then get to toasting. We like our marshmallows well done, crispy on the outside and gooey in – but you do you. Carefully slide those hot pillows of goodness on top of the salted chocolate and smash down the top cracker for maximum flavor.

Take a big bite, slowly close your eyes and come to the sweet realization that you have literally made the best s’more you have ever tasted.


The Grilled and Lime-Salted Shishito

Pick up two quarts of green shishito peppers, one lime and of course, some Salt of the Earth Co. hand-harvested Peruvian salt.

Rinse and dry the peppers. Then drizzle a bit of veggie or olive oil over the top, mixing them around until coated.

Grab your trusty mortar and pestle and zest the lime into the mortar. If you don’t have a zester, do not fret. Simply take a pairing knife and cut off small pieces of the lime peel and finely chop. Pour a tablespoon or two of salt into the mortar. Grind the lime zest into the salt, which will also break down the salt into finer grains.

Now go outside and turn on you grill. Once the grates are hot, scatter the peppers over the grill making sure there is sufficient space between them. Turn the peppers periodically so they get nice grill marks with some slight blistering. Once finished, put the hot shishitos into a bowl for serving. Squeeze half a lime over the hot peppers (a nice touch is to also grill the lime).

Dip the hot shishito into your lime salt and take a bite. Right?! Super easy and super tasty.

Find this salt here, and be sure to use promo code PACHA20 to receive 20% off your Salt of the Earth Co. purchase! Don’t forget to share your dishes with us! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to show us how you used your real ingredient, Peruvian pink salt.