Meet the Intwari Drillers

Your Pacha Soap Co.™ purchases make an impact. We aren’t just supplying communities in Africa with clean water. With you and our partners, we are training locals in country to manually drill water wells that will supply communities with safe, clean water for generations to come.

Meet the Intwari (brave) drillers and learn how your purchases have impacted their lives!

Armand Kwizera (team leader)

Age: 24 years

Hometown: Bujumbura (Bujumbura)

Future dreams:

Armand previously studied chemistry and biology at the University of Bujumbura, and now is the leader of the Intwari drillers. He loves a challenge and is incredibly proud of the work he and his team are doing. He looks forward to improving his skills and gaining even more responsibilities. He dreams of having his own house, raising a family, and eventually wants to use his earnings to help orphans and widows in his community.

Desire Habiyaremye

Age: 22 years

Hometown: Rugeregere (Cibitoke Province)

Future dreams:

Desire worked as a day laborer in the fields before acquiring his position on the drilling team. He now dreams of saving his earnings so that one day he can buy a piece of land, buy chickens and goats, get married and start his own family. He is so happy to have his drilling position and loves having a job where he can spread joy to others.

Desire Kwizera

Age: 27 years

Hometown: Cibitoke (Cibitoke Province)

Future dreams:

Desire formerly worked as a bricklayer, but was often unemployed. He is now thankful to have permanent work with the Intwari drillers and make a difference everyday in the lives of others. Every month he saves a little with the intent to build his own house and a piece of land to grow beans and rice with his family. Desire is married and has one son.

Franck Nishimwe

Age: 33 years

Hometown: Kamakara (Cibitoke Province)

Future dreams:

Before his training to become a driller, Franck worked as a day laborer in the fields. He now intents to use his stable income to build a house for his family and invest in land where they can cultivate rice. His is married with two sons and two daughters.

Martin Bayavuge

Age: 35 years

Hometown: Kamakara (Cibitoke Province)

Future dreams:

Martin previously worked in the fields as a day laborer before joining the Intwari drillers. He is extremely thankful for his new position and loves working together with his teammates. This job has given him a stable income, and he is currently saving to buy a house so he no longer has to pay rent. He also hopes to buy or rent a piece of land so his wife can grow crops. Martin and his wife have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls.