Ingredients with a Story: Hand-Harvested Peruvian Pink Salt

At Pacha Soap Co., our mission begins before we help to provide soap, clean water and livelihoods with each purchase. We believe in sourcing sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients with a story, and our new Rosewater Froth Bomb is no different.

This Froth Bomb is jam packed with beneficial ingredients like rose water, rose clay, organic rose petals and Salt of the Earth Co.’s hand-harvested Peruvian pink salt.

Salt of the Earth Co. is a social entrepreneurial venture bringing the beautiful and naturally pink, hand-harvested salt from Maras, Peru to your kitchen, and now to your bath in the form of our Rosewater Froth Bomb. The salt is harvested from a pre-Inca salt mine called Salinas de Maras that is located along the slopes of Qaqawiñay mountain. It’s made up of nearly 3,000 salt pans, shallow pools that are filled by an underground spring called Qoripujio. Water from the stream fills the pools and evaporates in the sun, leaving a hypersaline residue that is then hand-harvested by local families during the dry season, May through November. The naturally pink salt gets its beautiful hue from trace elements in the spring water, including calcium, magnesium, silicon, and potassium.

We’ve paired up with Salt of the Earth Co. not only because of their beautiful salt, but also because they believe that you should give back to the people and communities responsible for the things you consume. Part of the proceeds from all Salt of the Earth Co. purchases will go to carefully curated charities in Cusco, Peru. Learn more here

We’re incredibly excited about this collaboration! Be sure to follow us both on Facebook and Instagram to be entered to win a Rosewater bomb and a jar of this Peruvian pink salt! Salt of the Earth Co. is also offering 20% off their salt to all Pacha customers! Visit and use promo code PACHA20 at checkout.