Peppermint Bark Recipe

This peppermint bark just might be one of the easiest (and most) delicious recipes we’ve made! Simple and sweet, it’s the perfect holiday treat to whip up in a pinch, or make with your little ones.


  • 1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips
  • Crushed peppermints or candy canes

You’ll also need a cookie sheet, wax paper, a zip-lock bag, rolling pin, and some muscle.


Melt your white chocolate and spread it evenly over a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Of course, you’ll need to taste test…maybe more than once.

Crush the peppermints in a zip-lock bag (this is where the muscle comes in) and sprinkle them over the melted chocolate. The more the merrier!

Let the chocolate set in the fridge for at least 45 minutes. Once it as hardened, you can break the slab into bite-size pieces.

Finally, plate up and enjoy!

Whether it’s for Santa, a holiday party, or a little self-indulgence, this sweet treat is sure to land you on the Nice List.

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