Palm Done Right: Sustainably Producing Palm Oil

September is Palm Done Right Month, a movement focused on promoting the importance of sustainable palm oil production. We’re supporting these efforts by sharing our dedication to sustainable ingredient sourcing through the use of ethically produced palm oil.

What is palm oil?

Palm oil comes from the fruit of the African oil palm, Elaesis Guineensis. Fruit clusters, or fresh fruit bunches (FFB), are harvested from the palm tree and pressed into various forms of oil.

These oils are incredibly versatile and are used in a variety of food and beauty products.

Palm done wrong.

Typically grown in Indonesia and Malaysia, palm oil production has become synonymous with destructive production processes and labor exploitation.

As one of the highest yielding vegetable oils on the planet, demand for palm oil has grown exponentially over the past few years, resulting in

  • Large-scale destruction of ecosystems
  • Pollution from peat fires, herbicides, and pesticides
  • Loss of land for local farmers

Palm Done Right.

Palm Done Right is an organization committed to ethically producing palm oil.

They prove palm oil can be grown for good by

  • Using sustainable production processes to preserve animal habitats
  • Utilizing organic growing practices free of harmful chemicals
  • Employing local farmers and providing them with fair wages and safe working environments
  • Investing in local communities

Their efforts ensure the wellbeing of the environment, farmers, their communities, and consumers.

This month, they are focused on spreading the word about the benefits of sustainable palm oil production with Palm Done Right Month.

How do we use palm oil?

We are proud supporters of the Palm Done Right movement. Every bar of Pacha Soap Co.™ soap is handcrafted with Palm Done Right palm oil.

Packed with antioxidants and moisturizing properties, palm oil is a beneficial ingredient that helps to hydrate the skin for a silky, smooth complexion.

We strive to source our ingredients from organizations that are dedicated to doing good and positively impacting the globe.

Learn more about Palm Done Right and their efforts to produce sustainable, ethical palm oil at

What steps do you take to be a conscious consumer? Let us know in the comments below!