Pacha Soap: Expanded Products and Mission 2016

2016 was an amazing year for both the expansion of Pacha Soap’s products and mission! Froth Bombs in all shapes and colors were handcrafted by our team, Andrew and Abi took their second trip to Burundi and drilling team completed their first well!

Pacha Bulk Soap expanded to Canada!

The community of Kamakara, Burundi was able to build not only a handwashing station, but a toilet facility! Children and families in Kamakara were now able to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Image of toilet facility built in Kamakara
Image of hand washing station in Kamakara

Andrew and Abi took their second trip to Burundi, Africa. This time they were able to help survey the land for clean water.

Image of trip to Burundi, Africa surveying land for clean water

Pacha was presented with the Excellence in Economic Development award by Congressman Adrian Smith.

Image of Pacha Soap presenting the Excellence in Economic Development award

Froth Bombs were released!

Image of various froth bombs


The Burundi drilling team manually dug their first clean water well!

Image of Burundi drilling team digging their first clean water well


Image of drilling team drilling their first clean water well

Holiday items included hand-sewn bags by women in Burundi. Through this partnership careers and financial independence were provided to the sewing team!

Image of Burundi woman sewing bags

So much has changed over the years, and we aren’t done yet! We can’t wait to show you something completely new tomorrow!


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  • Clorisa

    Love Love Love your soaps! My favorite is the charcoal and lemongrass. And best of all, I love that you’re in my home state of Nebraska! GBR!

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