How To Use a Magnetic Soap Holder

Did you know that bar soap lasts longer when it’s left to dry between uses? Traditional soap dishes can be messy and clutter the countertop, but our Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder makes soap storage (and saving) easy. 

 GIF showing how to set up a Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder

Setting Up the Soap Holder

Setting up a Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder is easy as 1, 2, 3! 

  1. Peel the backing off the bamboo holder 
  1. Stick the magnetized holder to a tile or mirror surface 
  1. Press the metal disc into bar of soap and attach the disc to the soap holder  

Placing the Soap Holder

Stick a soap holder next to the kitchen or bathroom sink for easy access when washing hands. Since the soap holder sticks to the wall, it frees up precious counter space and creates a clutter-free environment.  

Soap holders are also great for storing bar soaps in the shower. Simply ensure the holder is placed on a tile or mirror surface for easy removal.  

Image of bar soap on a Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder

Using the Soap

Continue to use your soap as normal with the magnetic disc inserted. Once you have finished the bar, the disc can be inserted into a new soap and used over and over again.

Image of person using bar soap

Choosing a Product

The Bamboo Soap Holder isn't just for bar soaps. Shampoo and conditioner bars can also be used with the holder to keep them lasting longer.

 Image of Shampoo & Conditioner Bar on a Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder 

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