Direct Sourced Shea Butter FAQ's

At Pacha Soap Co., we’re always trying to find the best ingredients from around the world that have a positive impact both environmentally and socially.

Get the scoop on our latest sourcing partnership — direct sourced Shea Butter!

Image of Women's Cooperative in Ghana

Is Shea Butter used in all of your bar soaps?

Yes, the bar soap you know and love has always been crafted with Shea Butter. But now, thanks to our amazing non-profit partner, AfriKids, we can tap into a network of women’s groups all over northern Ghana that collect wild harvested Shea nuts and hand make the Shea Butter themselves.

Where were you sourcing Shea Butter before?

We have always sourced high quality Shea Butter from Ghana, but we never had the connection or scale to use our sourcing power to directly work with women’s groups.

What are the benefits of Shea Butter?

Shea butter is an incredible natural moisturizer, which is why it makes amazing soapOur Shea Butter is unrefined, meaning it is not processed with any chemicals, so it retains all of its vitamins. The women's cooperative mechanically processes the butter 3 times over to get the best quality, making it some of the finest Shea Butter in the world!

What does wild harvested mean?

Shea Butter comes from nuts from the Shea tree, which grows wild in West Africa. The interesting thing about Shea butter is that there’s no such thing as a planted Shea tree anywhere in the world; it is an entirely wild crop. Because it’s wild and it grows in such a specific area of the world in West Africa, it means it’s a really good crop for making a great impact in the world  but only if it’s done well!

What is blockchain technology?

We use blockchain technology from Bext360 to trace our Shea Butter. Every time the ingredient moves along the supply chain, the time, location and people involved in the process are recorded and stored in an open ledger. The data cannot be altered without that change being seen, creating a 100% traceable supply chain.

What are the benefits of direct sourcing?

By investing in direct sources, we're not only bringing you better products, we're also able to have a direct and lasting effect in communities. By using our purchasing power to make conscious decisions about where we source our ingredients, we're empowering workers across the globe and providing a sustainable market for highly impactful supply chains. This is how we Raise the Bar.

Experience some of the world's finest Shea Butter in every bar of Pacha Soap! Have more questions about our ingredients? Leave them down below.