Deo Detox Guide: 3 Tips for Switching to Natural Deodorant

New to natural deodorant? You may notice you're a little smellier and sweatier than usual. That's normal! Here's what to expect when transitioning from traditional antiperspirant to natural deodorant.

Person applying Sand & Sea Deodorant to underarm

Deodorant Does Not Stop Sweat

Natural deodorant doesn't contain aluminum, the ingredient in traditional antiperspirants that blocks sweat ducts to prevent sweating. 

This means that you'll still sweat while wearing deodorant! It's natural and healthy for our bodies.

Sweat in its natural state doesn't have an odor. It's the bacteria that grows in sweaty environments that produces a smell. Our deodorant is enriched with probiotics to neutralize odors, so you can sweat and smell good while doing it!

Two Week Transition

People holding Pacha Soap Co. Deodorant collectionWhen you switch over to deodorant, your body begins to flush out what mainstream antiperspirants were locking in, allowing your body to come back to its natural form.

This "deo detox" typically lasts between two and four weeks. After this time period, you'll start to experience the best results from your deodorant.

Stick With It

Person unscrewing Palo Santo Deodorant tube cap

When you're in the thick of transitioning, you may be tempted to switch back to your tried and true antiperspirant, but don't give up! Give your body time to detox and it will sweat less (and smell less) as it gets used to its new environment. 

Have more questions about making the switch to natural deodorant? Drop them below!


  • Cara Podojil

    I’ve only been using my deodorant a couple days and I’m in love with it! My body is still detoxing, but I’m feeling better than I have in a while. Thank you!

  • Mary Swanson

    i just got my first natural deodrant just last week and I love it, I got the palo santo and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant go back to my other one. My fav daily soap is frankincense/myrrh and one day I hope to see it in a deodrant! Keep up the good work you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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