Condolence Gifts To Comfort The Grieving

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a difficult, painful, and often isolating experience that everyone experiences differently. If there’s someone in your life who is going through that pain, the best thing that you can do is be there to shower them with love and support during this difficult time. 

If you’re looking for a way to show your care and love in the midst of the darkness, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best condolence gifts to offer your support and bring them some comfort during a hard time. 

Sympathy Gifts From Pacha Soap Co. 

Pacha Peaces Froth Bombs Gift Set

Sometimes, the best way that you can show your support for your grieving loved one is to give them the gift of self-care. This froth bombs gift set is made up of some of Pacha’s best-selling scents like French Lavender, Sweet Honey Almond, Rosewater, and Jasmine Gardenia to help give them the space to soothe and relax.

Lavender Lover’s Bundle

The sweet scent of lavender is well-known for its comforting, soothing effects, which means that it's a great gift for anyone who needs to be nurtured. This bundle comes with three Soli lavender essential oils and a bar of Pacha’s French Lavender soap for the ultimate gift of comfort during this hard time. 

CBD Mineral Soak

For a sympathy gift that targets both the body and the mind, consider giving your grieving loved one this CBD Mineral Soak for their baths. Made with 100 grams of full-spectrum hemp CBD and Epsom salts, this blend can help promote relaxation and let them get the most out of a relaxing bath. 

More Condolence Gifts 

Shutterfly In Loving Memory Wind Chime

A beautiful customized piece of home decor is a wonderful way to memorialize their lost loved one and honor their memory. This wind chime can be customized with text and a picture of a loved one. Then, they can hang it up on their porch or their garden and be comforted by the memories of the person that they’re missing every time they hear the gentle tinkling of their wind chime in the breeze. 

Lula’s Garden Forever Remembered Urban Garden

For the plant lovers in your life, this gorgeous gift set comes with fresh succulents arranged in a beautiful planter gift box thoughtfully designed to honor the memory of your loved one. It’s a beautiful piece that can act as a living testament to the ones that they lost. 

Harry & David Classic Sympathy Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with goodies is a wonderful way to show that you care, especially if you can’t be there for them in person. This classic sympathy basket by Harry & David is filled with comforting, tasty favorites like seasonal pears, cookies, dried fruits, pretzels, tea, and caramel popcorn.

DoorDash Gift Card

Sometimes, the best condolence gifts are the ones that can help make their life just that much easier while they’re going through the grieving process, and a hot meal that they don’t have to prepare themselves is always much appreciated. If you can’t make them a homemade meal yourself, give them the next best thing: the gift of a hot, fresh meal from their favorite restaurant delivered straight to their door. 

A Living Tribute Plant-a-Tree Sympathy Card

If they’re grieving the loss of someone who was a huge lover of the outdoors, this living tribute is a beautiful way to honor their memory. These sustainably sourced sympathy cards depict beautiful scenes from National Forests. The best part: with every purchase, a tree will be planted to help replenish a National Forest that desperately needs it, all in the honor of their loved one. 

After: Luminous Box For The Grieving

Feeling the loss of someone you love never really stops, and the pain of missing them can be especially hard during special occasions and holidays. This box seeks to honor and support them throughout the year during those especially hard times. It comes with four candles which are meant to be lit at some of the hardest moments including birthdays, death anniversaries, holidays, and other difficult and significant dates. 

Mint & Lily Personalized Heart Photo Necklace

A piece of jewelry personalized with a picture of their loved one is a wonderful way to help them carry on those memories for a lifetime and keep it close to their hearts through all of life’s big moments. A modern twist on the classic picture locket, this heart-shaped necklace can be customized to carry a picture of their loved one that they can view by holding it up to their eye or to their phone camera. 

FTD Heartfelt Condolences Arrangement

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a classic way to show your love and support during a difficult time. This gorgeous arrangement is made with a variety of beautiful white blooms and greenery to honor the memory of the ones that they lost and bring them some peace and comfort in the process. 

The Grief Workbook

Grief is undoubtedly one of the hardest processes we ever have to go through, and it can feel leave you feeling isolated, lonely, and lost -- especially since everyone goes through it so differently. This guided grief workbook is a thoughtful gift for helping someone process those difficult emotions, pour their hearts out, and progress through the pain in a thoughtful and guided manner. 

Spoonful Of Comfort Sympathy and Solace Care Package

For the grieving person in your life that you can’t be there for in person, this care package has all those “warm hug” feelings to offer them support even from a distance. It comes with a cozy throw blanket, cookies, teas, and a “Healing After Loss” book for them to pore through when they need comfort and reassurance.


Grief is a difficult journey, and it helps to have people around you who offer love, support, and a shoulder to cry on. These thoughtful gifts can show your love and care during a dark moment, put the needs of the grieving first and foremost, and honor the ones that they lost in sentimental tributes. 

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