Bridal Shower Game Prizes

Besides the wedding itself and the bachelorette party, bridal showers are some of the most exciting events that a bride-to-be looks forward to when they’re in the midst of planning their upcoming marriage. Bridal showers give all of the special people in a bride’s life a chance to celebrate her and her upcoming nuptials, plus it’s a great way to meet the other side of the family. 

But besides showering the bride with love, there’s another major thing that your guests are probably looking forward to: the prizes that are awarded to the winners of the games! 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for bridal shower game prizes that your guests will definitely think are worth fighting over. 

Bridal Shower Prizes from Pacha Soap Co. 

Flower Pot Froth Bomb

If you’re throwing a garden-themed bridal shower, this flower pot froth bomb makes for an adorable and on-theme gift for the winners of the games. This two-pack gift comes with two cute bath fizz/bubble bath bombs in the shape of a daisy and a flower pot so that the prize winner can enjoy two relaxing baths with one gift. The Froth Bombs are also made with calming lavender essential oils and soothing clays to make each bath a true “treat yourself” moment. 

Selfless Suds Bundle

Artisan bar soaps make an excellent gift for absolutely everyone, which is why this Selfless Suds bundle is sure to be a massive hit no matter who wins them! It comes with a variety of uplifting soaps in some of Pacha Soap Co.’s best-selling scents like French Lavender, Coconut Lemon, Almond Goat’s Milk, Jasmine Gardenia, and Golden Chai. 

Happy You Exist Bundle

Remind the guests of how much they mean to the bride and groom with this bright and nourishing prize! It comes with three of our best products: a Froth Bomb Card, Almond Goat’s Milk Bar Soap, and Vanilla Almond Whipped Soap + Scrub. The winner will be in for the full spa treatment and soft, glowy skin! 

Calming Lavender Care Kit 

There are few prizes quite as sweet as the prize of a little bit of self-care, which is where this Calming Lavender Care Kit can really come in handy. It comes with our signature French Lavender Bar Soap, Froth Bomb, and Essential Oil Roll-On so that the winner has everything they’ll need to relax and recoup after a day of playing hard and celebrating the bride-to-be. 

Set the Mood Wellness Froth Bomb Bar

Let the winners take home all the romantic loving vibes of the bridal shower with this Set the Mood Wellness Bar! It can be broken into sections and dropped into a warm bath for a sultry, invigorating fizzy bath scented with jasmine and ylang-ylang. It also features plenty of nourishing and relaxing ingredients like Epsom salt and sunflower oil so that your skin gets a burst of wellness with each relaxing soak. 

Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder

For a prize that’s unique, sleek, and useful, look no further than our Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder! This soap storage solution mounts to your tile or mirrored surface and lets you hang your soap after use rather than storing it on a cluttered surface. In other words: it’s less messy and it makes your soap dry out better in between uses, preserving the life of your soap! 

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

All done with getting your prizes but still aren’t sure what you’re actually going to be playing at the shower? No worries - we’ve got you there too! 

Bride Trivia

This game lets all of the shower guests show off just how well they know the bride-to-be! Before the shower begins, put together a questionnaire that asks fun facts about the bride, including questions about her childhood, hobbies, and her relationship with the groom. Then make copies of the questionnaire, hand them out to the guests, and give them three minutes to fill in as many answers as they can. Whoever gets the most questions right in the allotted time gets a prize! 

"How Many Kisses?” Guessing Game 

As you’re preparing for the bridal shower, buy a ton of Hershey’s Kisses and fill up a clear jar with them, making sure to count how many make it into the jar. Then during the shower, display the jar and have people write down their best guess for how many Kisses are in the jar. Whoever guesses the closest number to the actual count without going over wins a prize. 

Pin the Veil On The Bride

Pin The Tail On The Donkey, with a bridal twist! Print out a large poster-sized picture of the bride and mount it on the wall. Then have each participant line up. When it’s their turn, blindfold them, spin them around three times, and hand them a “veil” with some adhesive on it (small scraps of lace work great for this!). They’ll then walk up to the picture of the bride and attempt to put the veil in the right spot on her head. The person who puts their veil on the most accurate spot is the winner. 

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress 

Divide the party into groups of three or four and hand each group a couple of rolls of toilet paper. Have the groups use the toilet paper to design a dress, using one of the participants in the group as the model. Have the bride judge which dress is the best and give each participant in the group a prize. 

Wedding Word Scramble 

Make a list of words and phrases that are often associated with weddings (“champagne,” “cold feet,” “father of the bride,” “diamond ring,” “wedding cake,” “first dance,” et cetera). Then scramble up each word’s letters. The person in the party who unscrambles the entire list first wins a prize. 

Musical Bouquet 

For this spin-off of Musical Chairs, have your guests sit in a circle and designate someone to be the DJ. Have the participants in the circle pass around a flower bouquet as a song plays (preferably one of the bride’s wedding songs), then have your DJ randomly stop the song at intervals. The person holding the bouquet when the music stops is eliminated. Keep going until only one person is standing. 


There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to turn a good bridal shower into one that people will talk about all the way up to the wedding. By adding some coveted Pacha Soap Co. products into the mix, your bridal shower guests will be queuing up to participate in all the fun you have planned for them. 

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