The Best Gifts For Mechanics

Mechanics are the unsung heroes of the automotive world: every day that they go to work, they’re getting beneath our cars and putting in work to keep those gears spinning and everything running normally … in other words, mechanics quite literally keep our world turning! 

If you have a mechanic in your life and want to give them a gift that shows them just how much you (and your community) appreciate them, we’ve gathered up some of the best mechanic gift ideas. With options ranging from deep and nourishing self-care to fun gadgets that speak to their engineering minds, these gifts are sure to make the mechanic in your life smile. 

Pacha Soap Co. Gifts For Mechanics

Clarifying Charcoal Bundle

If there’s one practical and indulgent gift that mechanics are sure to appreciate and use every single day, it’s the gift of clarifying charcoal. Mechanics work with a ton of dirty car parts every day, which can expose their skin to oil, grease, and dirt that can be hard to scrub off with regular soap alone. 

Clarifying charcoal is a true superstar here: it’s incredibly absorbent and acts like a magnet to draw out impurities and oils from the skin. This Clarifying Charcoal Bundle comes with a detoxifying Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap that’ll leave them feeling fresh and clean every time they scrub up. It’s also scented with bright notes of lemongrass and peppermint oils to give them an invigorating pick-me-up! In addition, this bundle comes with Rosalina Essential Oil, which they can use on their skin or in their home to keep the good, clean vibes going. 

Clarifying Charcoal Liquid Hand Soap

Great news: all the deep-cleaning, detoxifying benefits of activated charcoal powder in our Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap is now available in a liquid form! This liquid hand soap is crafted with detoxifying charcoal powder, plus sustainably sourced palm oil and Nebraska-grown sunflower oil …. and no harsh chemicals. This soap is an excellent option for washing their hands at the workshop in between customers or for scrubbing thoroughly after a long day on the job.

Pipe Tobacco & Coffee Bar Soap

For the discerning mechanic who enjoys rich and luxurious scents just as much as they do working intently on an engine, consider gifting them the Pipe Tobacco & Coffee Bar Soap! This sophisticatedly-fragranced soap will make them feel like they’re cozying down in the corner of their favorite cafe. It’s also made with activated charcoal to get those hands clean, plus exfoliating coffee grounds to help them get a deep and indulgent cleanse every time they use it. 

Super Shrooms Bar Soap

A true treat for the body and the mind, the limited edition Super Shrooms Bar Soap is packed with nutrients that’ll make their hard-working skin very happy. With adaptogenic reishi and chaga mushrooms and antioxidants, plus the detoxifying activated charcoal powder to get that grease off of their hands, this bar soap is the perfect choice for any mechanic. 

Tea Tree Facial Bar

Their hands aren’t the only thing that gets greased up while they’re working on cars — it’s also very likely that their face is exposed to just as much grease and dirt! So to make sure that they’re getting a full and deep clean, you might also consider gifting them a bar soap that’s specially designed to fit right into their skincare routine. The Tea Tree & Charcoal Facial Bar by Pacha Soap Co. is packed with clarifying charcoal plus cleansing essential oils that let your mechanic’s face get the same TLC as the rest of their skin. 

Cocoa Raw Butter

The mechanic in your life is probably washing their hands a lot while they’re on the job. And while this is great for hygiene, this habit can leave those hands dry, cracked, and painful if they aren’t also adding some moisture back in. So for the deepest and purest option for moisture, consider gifting them a tub of certified organic, fair-trade Cocoa Raw Butter to go along with their soaps! Cocoa butter is incredibly nourishing and can help add moisture back to the driest and most tired skin. Our option is also non deodorized so it can work even for sensitive noses. They can use this butter on their hands and anywhere else that needs softening. 

Lemongrass Peppermint Whipped Soap + Scrub

Looking for a deep and invigorating clean? Look no further than our Lemongrass Peppermint Whipped Soap + Scrub! This product is a three-in-one body wash and scrub made with exfoliating pumice, cleansing plant-based oils, and skin-softening magnesium — and, of course, it’s also made with clarifying charcoal for attacking all the grime that they’re no doubt encountering job after job. The end result: a cleansing and nourishing total-body clean that’ll leave them feeling as fresh and clean as they would if they hadn’t even stepped foot in the shop that day! 

More great gifts for mechanics

Looking for even more gift ideas that’ll pair great with a deep-cleaning skincare product? Read on for more inspiration to add to that mechanic care package!

Manual Transmission Fidget Toy

For the true gearhead who’s always itching to get back to work! This fidget toy is shaped like a manual transmission and allows your mechanic to fiddle with “shifting gears” whenever they get antsy. This fidget toy also comes with a keychain and key ring so that they can attach it to their keys and carry it around wherever they go. 

Tire Coffee Mug with Fork and Spoon 

A fun and funny gift that would also work perfectly as a Father’s Day gift, this portable coffee mug is shaped like five tires stacked on top of each other so that he can carry his passion for vehicles around everywhere he goes! This travel mug also comes with a fork and a spoon, both of which are shaped like wrenches, to add some fun and whimsy to their lunch break.

Ratchet Wrench Keychain

If you’re a mechanic, you never know when the need for tools will pop up! This 10 mm ratchet wrench keychain with a flex head is perfect for all of those emergencies along the way when your mechanic doesn’t have their actual tools on hand. And when they’re not actually being used, this keychain stands as a stylish and fun ode to their profession that they can carry around with them. 

Personalized Work Shop Metal Sign

This gift is great for the mechanic with their own workshop …. even if that workshop is just their own garage! Customize this metal sign with personalized text so that they can hang it on their garage or work area and show off their workplace with pride. 

LED Flashlight Gloves

You can never have too many lights when you’re working on a car! These flashlight gloves are a fun and useful gift that’ll let the mechanic in your life see all the dark nooks and crannies on the automobile that they’re working on. It can also be used for their other hobbies and trades like fishing, camping, and/or working on other fixer-upper projects around the house. 

Pro-Lift Convertible Creeper and Seat.

Another great idea for gifting your mechanic something they’ll really appreciate: upgrade their tools of the trade! If their creeper is getting old and not as supportive as it used to be, make their lives easier (and their backs less painful) with this convertible option that changes from a creeper to a seat. It’s an ideal gift for mechanics since they can adjust it based on what they’re currently working on. 

Universal Socket

To make their job a little easier and to streamline their workflow a bit, consider gifting your mechanic this universal socket. Rather than having to dig around their toolbox to find the exact fit for all the various nuts and bolts they’re working on, this universal option fits most needs. It’s just one less thing that they’ll have to worry about. 


Mechanics work hard to keep our cars running smoothly, and they deserve to feel valued and pampered at the end of the day. These mechanic gifts are great options for showing the automobile enthusiast in your life just how much you appreciate all of their skill and dedication.

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