Bar Soap Gifts: Choosing The Best Soap Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

In our humble opinion, a good soap makes the perfect gift. Everyone uses it and many people are content to use the same old bars, so gifting them an upscale soap bar is an easy upgrade that can take a daily habit to a whole other luxurious level. 

If you’re on the hunt for bar soap gifts, you’re in luck: there’s a great gift for everyone in your life at Pacha Soap Co.! Read on to get some inspiration for awesome gifts that are eco-friendly and uber-luxurious. 

For the free-spirited nature lover: Dirty Hippie Bar Soap

Pacha Soap Co.’s original blend is a tried-and-true favorite, and it makes a perfect gift for the people in your life who love staying fresh while getting in touch with Mother Nature. These bars are made with an earthy blend of patchouli essential oil, nutmeg, and rolled oats that’ll make their inner flower child sing!

For the lover of all things warm and cozy: Golden Chai Bar Soap

If you have someone on your list who is most at home when they’re snuggling down on a cozy afternoon with a warm beverage, you can’t do much better than our best selling Golden Chai Bar Soap. These delicious warm and spicy bars carry notes of cozy vanilla and rich chai that’ll instantly transport them to their favorite cafe. They are also crafted with a nourishing blend of honey, turmeric root powder, and coconut oil that’ll treat their skin at the same time as their senses. 

For the skincare enthusiast: Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap

They’re always on top of their skincare regimen --- now give them a bar soap to match! This Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap is packed with charcoal powder that will give their skin the deep clean it deserves, all scented with bright and invigorating lemongrass and peppermint essential oils. 

For the person who only feels at home when they’re by the sea: Sea Salt Kelp Bar Soap

There are few things quite as renewing and invigorating as a dip in the cold, salty ocean. So if you have someone in your life who’s always chasing after their next splash into the sea, give them the gift of this Sea Salt Kelp Bar Soap! It will transport them to their favorite seaside escape no matter how far away from the coast they actually are.

For the indulgent and luxurious: Almond Goat’s Milk Bar Soap

Enriched with ultra-nourishing goat milk and sweet almond oil, our Almond Goat’s Milk Bar Soap is pure luxury. Give it to the person in your life who could use some much-needed and all-natural pampering for an ultra-indulgent and sweetly-scented clean.

For the wanderlust: Sand & Sea Bar Soap

The Sand & Sea Polishing Bar Soap is the ultimate gift for the adventure seeker who is constantly longing for sandy beaches, salty waves, and the scent of the sea. Bonus points: this bar is made with volcanic ash and pumice that will exfoliate while it cleans, leaving them as refreshed and renewed as they are after a day on the water. 

For the sophisticated and discerning friend: Pipe Tobacco & Coffee Bar Soap

For the person in your life who knows more about the arts and classic literature than anyone else in the room, the Pipe Tobacco & Coffee Bar Soap is just as classy and sophisticated as they are! This unique bar is as richly scented as their favorite cafe and made with exfoliating coffee grounds and exfoliating activated charcoal for that deep and indulgent clean. 

For the friend who loves elegance and mystique: Frankincense Myrrh Bar Soap

The Frankincense Myrrh Bar Soap is boldly scented and luxuriously pampering thanks to the inclusion of ultra-nourishing farm-fresh goat’s milk. Give it to the person in your life who has a deep appreciation for both ancient traditions and modern-day luxuries. 

For the chill and zen: French Lavender Bar Soap

Few scents are as simply clean and relaxing as French Lavender, which makes this bar soap the ultimate gift for anyone who deserves the much-needed gift of chilling out and cozying down. It’s made with natural scents and sustainably harvested purple Brazilian clay to create a sweet and calming soap that they can turn to again and again. 

For the self-proclaimed lumberjack: Campfire Cedarwood Bar Soap

If they don’t feel at home anywhere else quite as much as the great outdoors, give them the gift of a camping trip every single day with this Campfire Cedarwood Bar Soap. This smoky delight is made with a reviving blend of cedarwood essential oils and polishing dark red clay so that they can be brought back to their favorite campsite every time they wash --- even if they’re far from it in reality. 

For the friend who’d rather be on a beach with a tropical drink in hand: Coconut Lemon Bar Soap

Have they been craving a tropical escape? You might not be able to give them the gift of a trip to the tropics, but they’ll definitely appreciate this bar soap that’ll get them one step closer! Our Coconut Lemon Bar is handcrafted with hydrating coconut oil and soothing coconut milk, plus the delicious scents of fresh lemon peel and warm coconut, so that every time they settle in for a wash they can close their eyes and dream of warmer, sunnier days on the beach. 

For the true romantic at heart: Jasmine Gardenia Bar Soap

If they’re the kind of person that you wouldn’t be surprised to find frolicking in a field of flowers or throwing a luxurious tea party in a flourishing garden, they need the Jasmine Gardenia Bar Soap. This floral delight is scented with the sweet and intoxicating scent of jasmine, plus Moroccan red clay that turns any shower or bath into a trip to the spa. 

For the high-energy, invigorating soul: Spearmint Lemongrass Bar


If the words “bright,” “fresh,” and “sunny” perfectly describe the person on your gift list, try giving them the Spearmint Lemongrass bar! This zingy and refreshing soap is scented with all-natural spearmint and lemongrass essential oils, which combine to create a delightfully bright scent that’ll put a smile on their face no matter what the day has in store. This is also a great bar soap to keep in the kitchen since it smells so deliciously fresh.

For the planet-loving party animal: Pachafetti Bar Soap


If you have someone in your life who appreciates sustainability and no-waste solutions just as much as they appreciate giving themselves some much-needed TLC, look no further than our Pachafetti Bar Soap! These no-waste blends are crafted from scraps of all of our delicious scents and blends for a fun and sustainable creation.


At Pacha Soap Co., there’s a great gift for everybody! Choosing scents and products based on your gift recipients’ personalities and interests is a great way to personalize your gift and make it that much more meaningful. 

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