Bar Soap Fact or Fiction

Did you know the use of bar soap dates back thousands of years? However, in recent years, questions have begun to rise regarding the great bar soap vs. body wash debate. We’ve researched and debunked a few common bar soap misconceptions.

Bar soap will dry out my skin

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Fiction: Bar soap containing natural oils deeply moisturizes the skin. The cold process method used by Pacha Soap Co. retains the nourishing elements of the base ingredients, allowing you to lather and love your skin with each wash.

Bar soap creates less environmental waste

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Fact: Bar soap uses less packaging than body wash or shower gel. The process of creating liquid soap requires more energy for packaging production and disposal. To lessen your environmental impact further, stock up with our bar soap 10 packs! You can enjoy your shower experience knowing you used less packaging and are putting the cleanest ingredients on your body.

Bar soap transfers germs

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Fiction: Germs are everywhere. Elements of bar soap are naturally cleaning if allowed to dry between uses. To prevent having a germy bar of bath soap, store your soap out of water. Germs have nowhere to grow when the soap is dry. This also helps your bar last longer. As an extra precaution, rinse off your bar for a few seconds before lathering up.

Bar soap last longer than body wash

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Fact: It is easy to overuse body wash and misjudge the amount to squeeze out of the container, but bar soap lathers to the correct amount every time.  

Bar soap is boring

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Fiction: At Pacha Soap Co., we love creating. Each handcrafted bar is unique in design and color combination. Essential oils shine through every bar, giving you a delightful experience every time you wash.

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