5 People You Shouldn’t Leave Off Your Holiday List

We’re making a list and checking it twice. While the holiday season can be hectic, we think it’s important to take time to recognize the people who fill our day to day lives with a little extra goodness.

Here’s a list of five people we think deserve some love this year.

Your favorite barista.

Thank goodness for coffee, and the people who make it. Next time you stop in for your morning cup o’ joe, surprise your favorite barista with a handcrafted bar of soap in exchange for that handcrafted latte. It might not be caffeine, but we’re sure it will put a little pep in their step.

Workout instructor.

Say “thanks” for all those endorphins with a jar of creamy Pacha Whipped Soap + Scrub. Crafted with a mixture of hand-whipped soap and natural exfoliants, it’s the perfect post-workout gift to go from sweaty to squeaky clean.

Grocery store clerk.

Surprise the sweet and helpful clerk at your local grocery store with a festive Froth Bomb. After a long shift on their feet, we’re sure a soothing soak will be much appreciated.

Your hairdresser.

Beautifully fragranced with natural scents derived from essential oils, our bar soap is the perfect gift for your hairdresser. They always leave you feeling fine and fresh, so now you can return the favor!

Teachers, daycare workers & babysitters.

Taking care of kids is a tough job (especially when they’re not your own), so it’s important to remind them that their hard work is appreciated. We suggest a cute mug, perfect for a mid-morning caffeine boost, and a soothing Froth Bomb, for after-work relaxation.

There are so many ways to gift goodness this year, so don’t forget these special people.

Did we leave anyone off our list? Let us know in the comments below!

Feel like gifting a little extra goodness? Our holiday gift sets offer a variety of seasonal Pacha Soap Co.™ blends and come beautifully packaged.


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