4 Summer Quarantine Activities for Kids

Summer 2020 has been anything but ideal, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying it! It can be hard for your little ones to come to terms with not being able to see friends, go to the pool or enjoy the summer months as they might typically...and that’s where we come in.

Keep reading for 4 of our favorite summer quarantine activities for kids!

Natural DIY Crafts

Being cooped up in the house can be draining for both parents and kids. DIY crafts can help get the imagination flowing and are loads of fun! We love these all natural and kid friendly ideas.

Crafts laid out on a wooden table

Mud Paint

It doesn’t get more natural than this! Making Mud Paint is a great activity to get your little ones outside. Mixing the paint is our favorite part and a great way to teach about color theory! 

Example: Red + Yellow = Orange and Blue + Red = Purple. 

You can paint on canvas, paper or the sidewalk! Just make sure your little ones are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting a little messy (and follow up with a bath with Pacha Kids products). 
Source: Learn Play Imagine 

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Simple and fun for all ages, this Coffee Filter Butterflies project is a tried and true DIY craft (pipe cleaners and all!). We love the tie-dye effect, and you won’t believe how easy they are to make. 

Create a few butterflies, or a whole kaleidoscope, for a pop of color around the house. 

Source: One Little Project 

Homemade Wind Chimes

Don’t have a lot of crafting supplies? Make Homemade Wind Chimes using items you already have around the house! This tutorial uses recycled cans, but there are plenty of other fun options to experiment with. 

Try materials that can be up-cycled like old silverware, keys, seashells, rocks or sticks. Paint and decorate however you want to make an adorable, colorful decor piece for outside!

Source: A Girl and A Glue Gun

Recycled Tin Can Planters

Summer is the perfect time to develop that green thumb you’ve always wanted! Don’t worry about running out to the store to grab planters when you can try this fun idea for Recycled Tin Can Planters. 

Let your little ones decorate each planter however they want! Caring for plants is a great experience for kids, and they’ll love to see the results of their efforts as they grow. Create a dedicated schedule for watering, and once they outgrow their tin cans, move them to larger pots or into the ground outside.

Source: Tried and True

3 Ingredient Air Dry Clay

Another great project with minimal supplies is 3 Ingredient Air Dry Clay. It’s super quick and easy to prep, and we could spend hours molding and sculpting this stuff! Once your masterpieces have dried, you can paint them or leave them clean and white. 

We love the idea of creating functional pieces like cups and bowls that your little ones can personalize! You could also make fun jewelry, hair clips, Christmas ornaments or coasters. 

Source: Love Grows Wild

Outdoor Olympics

Just imagine…it’s not even noon yet, and your kids are FULL of energy. Try taking them outside and creating different “events” for them to complete! 

Grass in a backyard with a playground blurred in the background

Backyard Obstacle Course

Create a fun obstacle course using things that are already in your backyard. Run to the tree, circle it 3 times, do a cartwheel, hula hoop for 10 seconds without stopping then skip to the finish line! Get creative and get your kids moving.

Need some inspiration? Check out this blog by Playtivities for more ideas.

Balance Contest

Hold a contest to see who can stand on one foot with their eyes closed the longest. It’s much harder than it sounds, we promise! 

Fencing with Pool Noodles 

“En garde!” No striking above the neck or below the waist! +1 point for striking the torso! We love this activity because it’s a safer alternative to sword fighting with hard plastics. 

Water Balloon Target Toss

Set up targets at different distances and have your kiddos try to hit them with water balloons. Any empty container will do! 

A Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

Not just any regular old Rock, Paper, Scissors! Make it best out of 5 or compete in multiple rounds depending on how many kids you have and their ages. 

The possibilities for your Outdoor Olympics are endless! 

Track points throughout the day and hand out gold, silver and bronze medals at the end. (Bonus points for good sportsmanship!)

Bath Time…With a Twist!

Bath time can feel like a chore at the end of a long day. Here at Pacha Soap Co., we strive to make it all about some good, clean fun! 

Little kid picking up bath crayons sitting on the side of the tub

Doodle in the Tub

Bath crayons are a great way to let your kid’s imagination bubble over in the tub. Encourage your little ones to practice writing their names, working on math problems or drawing shapes on the side of the tub.

Our Pacha Kids Bath Crayons are ergonomically shaped to help develop fine motor skills and easily wipe away for a clean canvas every time. 

Fingerpaint a Masterpiece

Our natural Soap Fluff can be used to finger paint on the shower walls! Crafted with whipped soap and real fruit, it doubles as body wash and shampoo to get your kids clean while they create. Just try not to use the whole jar on one bath time! 

Science-y Suds

Our fruity and fizzy Froth Bombs will keep your kids’ attention as they “magically” bubble and foam. Explain the reaction that’s occurring when they drop each bomb in the tub! 

Or let them play with Pacha Kids Soap Slime, an ooey gooey concoction that turns from slime to suds.

Our Pacha Kids Collection is all natural and crafted with creativity in mind. The fun textures and yummy smells are sure to keep your kids engaged and excited for bath time!

Little kid holding up a Froth Bomb in the tub

At Home Movie Night

You did it! You made it through another day of summer quarantine. Now it’s time to wind down with a movie night. Here are some fun and simple ways to make movie night extra special.

Bags of popcorn on a table

Create Movie Tickets
Make movie night something for your kids to look forward to with DIY movie tickets and yummy movie theater style snacks. We love making popcorn on the stove with a side of fruit chews or chocolate covered peanuts. Yum! 

Wear Matching Pajamas

Make movie night an event for your little ones by wearing matching PJs and setting a start time. The excitement for movie night will build all day!

Build a Fort

For extra fun, try building a blanket fort in the living room and watching the movie inside. Grab all the blankets and pillows you can find, and get to work. 

We like to use kitchen chairs with books to weigh down a corner of a blanket, or even a string with clothespins to hold up the fort. Add some twinkly lights and you’ve got a super cozy blanket fort. Turn off all the lights, and enjoy!

Bonus Tip: Keep the fort up after the movie for playtime the next day. Add some coloring books or puzzles, and your little ones will be in there all afternoon.

Little kid reading a book with a flashlight under a blanket

We hope you’re enjoying your summer, even if it looks a little different. How are you spending your summer in quarantine? Have any other ideas for fun summer quarantine activities? Let us know in the comments below!