3 Tips for a More Sustainable Shower

Living sustainably doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your current lifestyle. There are simple, easy ways you can cut down and conserve...starting with your shower! Here are 3 tips for a more sustainable shower. 

Take Shorter Showers

One way to conserve water is to take shorter showers. Set a timer and try to complete your shower within a set amount of time. It helps to create a routine (ex: shampoo, condition, wash body then exfoliate) to cut down on the amount of time wasted.

Use Package-Free Products

Using package-free products is a great way to cut down on waste. Interested in starting your zero-waste journey? The bathroom is the perfect place to start with package-free options like bar soap or shampoo and conditioner bars.

Sudsy Bar Soaps Sitting in Shower

Many bar soaps can also be used in multiple ways (body wash, shampoo, shaving cream, face wash and hand wash), making them even more eco-friendly! 

Use Lukewarm Water

Everybody loves a hot shower (and sometimes they’re necessary), but they also use up more energy. Try turning down the heat and enjoying a lukewarm shower, instead. Not only will this help conserve energy, but it’s also better for your skin. Win-win!

Bonus Tip! Air Dry Towels

Letting towels air dry instead of tossing them in the dryer helps conserve energy, and results in the same fluffy, fresh towel. Plus, you can avoid the added chemicals used in dryer sheets! 

Woman Smiling and Wearing Bright Yellow Towel in Bathroom

Clean and conscious is the way to go...and the steps to get there are surprisingly simple. Have additional tips to make your shower more sustainable? Comment them below!