Palo Santo


Essential Oil, 10ml

Botanical Name:Bursera graveolens (Palo Santo) Oil

Origin: Peru

GCMS Report

A wild-harvested palo santo with a well balanced, caramel-like aroma and distinct citrus notes. Sourced from a regenerative agroforestry project that helps protect the unique and delicate dry tropical forests of the western Andean slopes, this revered aromatic also helps create prosperity for local farmers.

(IUCN reports that bursera graveolens is not actively considered an endangered species.)


Add recommended drops on a tissue, cotton ball or in a nasal inhaler. Deeply inhale for 2-4 minutes and alternate between nostrils every minute. Do not continuously inhale longer than 30 minutes. Wait at least 1 hour between sessions. Use as needed.


Bring the power of nature indoors and enhance your wellbeing with an essential oil diffuser. Add recommended drops and create your own aromatic blends with an ultrasonic diffuser, or waterless nebulizer (our favorite type).

Local massage

Use recommended drops in a carrier oil and massage over specific area.

Spot application

There are some scenarios where undiluted essential oils may be used - for example in the case of insect bites, centralized infections, or where benefits outweigh the risk; however, this practice should only be carried out professionally trained clinical aromatherapists. Using undiluted essential oils can increase the risk of skin reactions, systemic toxicity, and drug interactions.


Add recommended drops to a bowl of warm or cool water. Place a small hand towel into the water and wring out excess. Place the compress on the specific area of the body for 30 minutes. Wait at least 1 hour between applications.

Frankincense; Sweet orange; Lemon; Lemongrass; Elemi; White grapefruit; Cypress; Lavender; Petitgrain

beta-bisabolene, limonene, Menthofuran, Pulegone(+) (-), alpha-terpineol

Steam distillation from wood.

Skin sensitization can occur if the oil is oxidized from age; Avoid old or oxidized oils. Dilution recommended at 3.4% of essential oil to 96.6% carrier oil. Do not apply to or near the face of infants or children.

Bursera graveolens is a tree that grows in the unique environment of the dry tropical landscape where the coast meets the Andes mountains. Related to frankincense, this tree is prized for its aromatic wood.