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Breathe Salt Block
Bunny Froth Bomb
Clary Sage

Lemongrass Peppermint

Dirty Hippie Bar Soap
5 10 1
Eucalyptus Breathe Mineral Soak
Flower Pot Froth Bomb
Frankincense Neglecta
Frankincense Sacra
French Lavender Froth Bomb
French Lavender Mineral Soak
Froth Bomb Card 3 Pack
Frothy the Snowman Froth Bomb 2 Pack
Happy You Exist Froth Bomb Card
Jasmine Gardenia Froth Bomb
Lavender Care Kit
Lavender Fine A.O.P.
Lavender Hemus
Lavender Maillette
Main Squeeze Froth Bomb Card
Mandarin Petitgrain
Mean So Mush You Froth Bomb Card
Muscle Salt Block
Oats & Honey Bar Soap
5 10 1
Peppermint Twist Body Butter
Peppermint Twist Froth Bomb
Rudy Red Froth Bomb Card
Santa Suds Froth Bomb Card
Scenting Flight, Rolling Fields of Lavender
Sleep Salt Block
Soothe, Lavender Blend
Strawberry Banana and Orange Mango Froth Bomb Pack
Sweet Honey Almond Froth Bomb
Watermelon Lemonade & Berry Grape Froth Bomb Pack
White Grapefruit
World Needs You Froth Bomb Card
Ylang Ylang