Net Zero 2030 Campaign

Pacha cares about our planet, our world and the impact we have on it. However, climate change and reducing carbon emissions are much bigger than just us. We want to be a part of an industry-wide change, which is why we have joined the Net Zero 2030 campaign. We are thrilled to be a part of a consortium of over 1,000 companies working to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Our first steps towards meeting this commitment have been to measure our carbon impact. We will then use this measurement to reduce our carbon footprint and offset any remaining carbon emissions. We are working with Carbon Analytics to analyze our 2020 emissions. With that information, we can set a benchmark against our current use which will reduce our 2021 carbon emissions. We will also publish a plan to track and assess our progress against our 2030 targets.

We do not just want to meet our 2030 commitments, we want to innovate with some of our best partners to alter how carbon reduction commitments can be met. This is why we are so excited to be establishing a new initiative with Camino Verde: tracking newly planted and established trees in the Peruvian Amazon in a bespoke app, Real Trees.

In partnership with Bext360, Camino Verde will use block chain technology to register 36,000 trees, taking pictures to store the location and calculate the quantity of carbon being stored in each tree. Real Trees enables Camino Verde to trace and document the well-being of each tree and to make payments to farmers caring for the trees for carbon capture and tree welfare.

Image of trees being planted in the Peruvian Amazon

Coupled with the Real Trees app, the area of wild Peruvian Amazon overseen and protected by Camino Verde will be mapped using FarmTrace technology and the total carbon sequestered calculated. This effectively creates a carbon credit bank, enabling Pacha to immediately offset our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions for 2020, while we are still working to calculate and offset our Scope 3 emissions.

We are excited about our partnership with Camino Verde because we can go further than just purchasing a carbon offset credit. We can link directly to trees and the environment while embracing an approach that acknowledges the importance and value of nature. We are also looking forward to doing this with a partner who we have a long-standing supply chain and donation partnership with, truly embedding the impact within our operations.

Image of a tree in the Peruvian Amazon

Our partnership with Camino Verde has the human element too — empowering local producers through transparent supply chains addresses the root cause of land degradation and resource extraction. By helping create market access for agroforestry products, we can begin to create regenerative economies that nurture land and people.

As an organization, Pacha wants to move away from a process where going carbon neutral can be seen as an accounting trick. Moving towards net carbon zero is to acknowledge the damaging impact that carbon emissions have on the planet and make the changes within our operations and supply chain to achieve this. Only by creating a real, empathetic link can we really alter how we live, and we are working with Bext360 and Camino Verde to develop technology specifically for this. We are excited for the future.

Want to learn more about our impact? Check out our full 2020 Annual Report.